Vendor Information

  • Please call 742-4486 with your vendor questions



    FPCS has 3 types of vendors:

    • Service Vendors
    • Non-Profit Vendors
    • Retail Vendors


    Service Vendors:

    These are Approved vendors with ASD that provide English Language Arts, Health & PE, Music & Fine Arts, Social Studies, S.T.E.M., and World Languages educational tutoring services.  We prefer to pay service vendors directly, for your convenience.  If a vendor is not on the service vendor list on our website, please look under the non-profit list in the OLS.  If you are still unable to find a name, please call Vendor Services @ 742-4486 for help.


    If a business is interested in provided educational services to our students and becoming a vendor, they must take steps to become an ASD approved vendor by filling out an ASD application.  Once approved, they will enter into an ESA with Family Partnership and abide by FPCS deadlines.


    Non-Profit Vendors:

    These vendors can choose to be either approved with ASD or not. Non-profit vendors obtain their status from the State of Alaska and are organized not to make a profit.  If these vendors choose not to be approved through ASD, families must pay them directly and then submit proper documentation to be reimbursed.  You can find our non-profit vendor list in the OLS.


    Retail Vendors:

    These vendors are used for purchasing curriculum, books, supplies, online courses, etc.  Most items can be either reimbursed or requisitioned, unless otherwise noted next to the vendor name in OLS.  You can find our retail vendor list in the OLS.