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Woodchuck Pride Day




Friday, October 8 - Disney Day

"Dress like your favorite Disney character or wear a shirt with your favorite Disney character."


Friday, October 29 - Dress Like Your Farorite Book Character

"Please make character choices that are appropriate for elementary school and learning. Full face coverings and face painting are discouraged. Nose and Mouth Masks will still be required."


Friday, November 19 - Crazy Hair Day

"Wear your hair in a crazy, wacky style."


Thursday, December 16 - Pajama Day

"Wear your favorite apporpriate pj's to school."


Friday, January 14 - Hat Day

"Wear your favorite hat to school."


Friday, February 11 - Jersey Day

"Wear a jersey from your favorite team."


Friday, March 18 - Alaska Spirit Day

"Wear your Alaska clothing, Extra Tuffs, Kuspuks, or dress like a Alaskan tourist."


Friday, April 15 - Hawaiian Day

"Wear your favorite school appropriate Hawaiian clothes."


Friday, May 13 - Sunglasses Day

"Wear your sunglasses to school."


All other Fridays, students are encouraged to wear their GW Spirit Wear. If they don't have Spirit Wear, students can wear their class color. Thursdays are Cultural Recognition Day (students are encouraged to wear clothing that represent their culture such as a kuspuk, etc.)

Class Colors:

Pre-K - Purple                        3rd - Blue

K - Green                               4th - Black

1st - Red                                5th - Yellow

2nd - Orange                          6th - Maroon/6th Grade Sweatshirt


Show your Woodchuck Pride