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From Arthur Keyes



My name is Arthur Keyes I was on your Benny Benson website and saw that you are soliciting positive comments, here are mine.

 I went to SEARCH (1983-1985 approx) during my eighth grade and part of my ninth grade year, I graduated from Service High in 1989.

I can't completely express what my time at SEARCH meant to me. I can say it was the first time in my life that I felt safe, a rest from the storm if you will. I imagine the current struggles must be similar to the ones of my day. I would just like to offer a word of encouragement to staff and students. I am an alumni who is a successful spouse, parent and business owner. I know firsthand many of the struggles and experiences of the students of SEARCH. There was a time when the future wasn't bright and success in life was hardly imaginable.

To the teachers, I commend you and I tell you what you already know, care about the kids especially the ones that are the hardest to like, you just never know who is going to surprise and reward your patience. Not every teacher will be able to reach every kid and that is “ok". One of the teachers I got along with real well a lot of the other students and staff didn’t like, funny how that works.

To the students my number one piece of advice would be to stay away from the drugs and alcohol. If you are fortunate enough to be able to choose not to have sex count yourself lucky. The more garbage your dealing with the more you need to keep your head on straight.

In life whatever you want you can have. Whatever the “it” is to you, think about "it", get a book and study "it". If you cant read get an audio book and learn about it. surround yourself with good people who know more about “it” than you do. Whatever your “it” is work hard at it and financial success will follow. Find a good role model that you can watch and study, incorporate the good and let go of the bad. Remember everything works itself out, just not always the way we want. Learn from this, accept this and move on. There is always something to learn from everything that happens in your life. Don't play the blame game, its a trap that will rob you. Gossip makes you weak, try not to do it! Everyone experiences shame, forgive yourself, let go of your shame. If shame is a choice so is forgiveness. Forgive other people, but start by forgiving yourself, your worth it!
Happy Thanksgiving! Arthur Keyes