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Bus Service to ERHS

Bus service with Modified Bell Schedule

High school students will be picked up at the same time and place in the morning, but will return home half an hour later  than usual.


Modified Bus Schedule KING TECH HIGH
Bus # Departure Time Location Arrival Time Location
279 ERHS 7:28 AM Back KTHS 7:55 AM  
258 KTHS 10:15 AM   ERHS 10:44 AM Front
258 ERHS 11:04 AM Front KTHS 11:25 AM  
279 KTHS 1:55 PM   ERHS 2:30 PM Front


King Tech Bus #72 Return to this schedule March 20th, 2023

AM - Departs ERHS 7:28am. Picks students up at the back of the building. It's the only bus that parks parallel to the sidewalk.

AM – Departs KTH  10:00am

PM – Departs ERHS  10:48am Picks students up at the front of the building,

PM – Departs KTH 1:25pm