Personal, Social, Service Learning & College and Career Preparedness


    We take Educating for Leadership & Educating for Life at Highland very seriously. All students work through two sets of standards: Personal, Social, & Service Learning, as well as College and Career Readiness. These standards drive instruction for topics such as empathy, self-respect, art, health, career preparation, and college readiness. Many of these standards can be addressed outside of school, working closely with advisors and instructional staff, students can use the following guidelines to take learning beyond the walls at Highland:

    PSS 1 Rubrics

    PSS 2 Rubrics

    PSS 3 Rubrics


    Student Handbook

    All students should familiarize themselves with ASD policies and procedures. These are available in the Student Handbook.

    In addition, students should be familiar with Highland-specific policies and procedures in the Highland Academy Handbook Insert.


    Phone Use

    Students are welcome to use the telephone at the front office to communicate with parents at appropriate times.  Personal cell phones should be silenced and kept out of sight during instructional time unless otherwise directed by the teacher. Students will be allowed to use cell phones/electronic devices during instructional time for academic purposes only and with prior teacher approval.  Students who have continual difficulty complying with this policy will be referred to an administrator and an individual plan will be developed.



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