Personal, Social, Service Learning & College and Career Preparedness

    We take Educating for Leadership & Educating for Life at Highland very seriously. All students work through two sets of standards: Personal, Social, & Service Learning, as well as College and Career Readiness. These standards drive instruction for topics such as empathy, self-respect, art, health, career preparation, and college readiness. Many of these standards can be addressed outside of school, working closely with advisors and instructional staff, students can use the following guidelines to take learning beyond the walls at Highland:

    PSS 1 Rubrics

    PSS 2 Rubrics

    PSS 3 Rubrics

    CCP 1 Rubrics

    CCP 2 Rubrics 

    CCP 3 Rubrics

    Student Handbook

    All students should familiarize themselves with ASD policies and procedures. These are available in the Student Handbook.

    In addition, students should be familiar with Highland-specific policies and procedures in the Highland Academy Handbook Insert.


    Highland Cell Phone and Earbud/Headphone Policy

    Students are expected to have their earbuds/headphones put away and cell phones turned off and out of sight during class and passing time. They are permitted to use their device before school, during lunch, and after school.


    If a student has their cell phone or earbuds/headphones out in class or out during passing time, regardless of the reason, teachers will confiscate the device to be stored at the front office for the rest of the school day.

    1. Students will need to pick up their device from administration at the end of the school day. Parents will be notified by Administration.

    2. If this is a repeated behavior, Administration will work with the family to determine appropriate consequences and establish a device restriction plan (ex: devices left at home, devices checked in before going to class, etc.).

    3. Students will work with Administration to develop an action plan prior to lifting the restriction plan.

    Letter to families and FAQs


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