STrEaM Student Handbook

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    Information you need to know

    Recreational Reading - This elective is returning for Q4. Anyone can join. This elective is designed for those who enjoy reading and wish for a space to mindfully engage with their hobby and refine their craft. It is also a space for those who wish to reconnect with reading and others who will inspire them to grow. You should expect to become a reading buddy with younger students, be in a small reading circle and a larger book club


    Drama/Talent Show - Got a talent you want to share?! Want to learn improv and public speaking skills? This Elective will perform at, organize, and host the first-ever STrEam TALENT SHOW on the last week of school!


    Rocketry - make and shoot rockets!


    Archery - Using Bows and Arrows safely and accurately - This class is capped at 14 students


    Music - Folk Music Band Quarter 2. Violin, cello, viola, guitar, mandolin, and ukelele players with previous experience are invited to join the fun! In addition to jamming, we'll be learning more advanced songs and improvisation skills. If you aren't sure whether you have previous experience, please talk to Ms. Goodman-Allwright.


    Digital Micro - Photography - learn how to take photos through a microscope and create a website to display your art.


    Mini Society - ever play RISK? Create a country, form alliances, join the UN in the fun Social Studies elective.


    Google Apps - Intro to GIS and 3D printing

Student Resources

  • Welcome students!

    Dear Students, 

    Students on skis At Anchorage STrEaM Academy we do project-based learning, STEM curriculum like robotics and engineering challenges, and experiential education including "TREKs" or full day field trips. We get outside every day, so come prepared for the weather. We work collaboratively in groups and teams, solve problems, engage in hands-on activities, and practice "leave no trace" to take care of our environment and space. STrEaM is a great place to learn and grow while preparing for your future. 

    Every STrEaM student is part of an advisory group, and your advisor will help with grades, homework, and study skills as well as team building and support. We require all students to keep and maintain a student planner, and much of our classwork is on Google classroom. We have chromebooks for each student to use, and we allow you to "bring your own device"- as long as you use it appropriately! 

    STrEaM students are engaged citizens who think critically, are involved in their learning, and inspired by our natural world. We believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, and pride ourselves on our positive, supportive school climate and culture. Our school is a safe place where we care for our learning, our world and each other. Monthly students are nominated for and may receive a STAR Badge for excellence in one of four areas.  STAR badges are given for STEM, Tenacity, Adventure and Renaissance.


    Welcome to STrEaM Academy: it is a great day to be a Rapid! 


    How to get on ASD Google Apps at Home

    If you need to log in to Google Drive or Classroom at home to finish some work, there are some special things you need to do to get to the right account.

    You can use this link ASD Google Link . and use your login credentials as normal (UN: Lastname.Firstname and PW: Student ID)


    You can go to a regular google sign in page.  Enter your username as . (THE dot NET is SUPER IMPORTANT!)

    Once you are on the ASD page you can enter your credentials like normal.  (UN: Lastname.Firstname and PW: Student ID)


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