• STrEaM Academy

    Anchorage STrEaM Academy is governed by the Academic Policy Committee.  Elections are held annually to fill positions on the APC.  Working in conjunction with Stream Anchorage 501(c)3 Board, the APC hires and evaluates the principal and helps to maintain the vision and goals of the founders.

    Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, unless the cultural calendar prohibits meeting, at 5:30 PM. In-Person Meetings are held on the first floor at Wayland Baptist University. Parents and the community are always invited and welcome. 

    Following the Corvid-19 Social Distancing Guidelines, the APC meeting will be held via ZOOM, an online platform for teleconferencing, and simulcast on YouTube.  To make a public testimony please call 742-9000 before 3pm on the day of the meeting for directions. YouTube at the following link: Adam Mokelke on YouTube


    Professional Logo courtesy of PLAID Agency, design refinement by George Meyer


Board Members

  • ​Academic Policy Committee Members

    • Gayle Yip, Community Member, APC Chair
    • Heather Swanson, Parent Rep, APC Vice Chair
    • Sylvia Biondich, Staff Member, APC Secretary
    • Andranel Brown, Founder
    • Whitney D'Atri, Founder
    • Richard Bierer, Teacher Rep
    • James Rush, Parent Rep
    • Charley Palmer, Parent Rep
    • Jen Mickelson, Community Member, 501c3 Liaison

    Elections for FY21 happen at the end of October and new APC members are sworn in at the November meeting.


  • ASA Founders

    • Andranel Brown
    • Katie (Shafer) Croft
    • Whitney D’Atri
    • Scott Kluever
    • Scott McKim
    • Liz Repetto