Freshmen (and New Student) Information

  • Welcome to CHS – An event (usually held during registration week) for freshmen and new students to CHS.  The orientation is for students to become familiar with campus and make student connections.  Sponsored by student government.


    CHS Website – Use the website to access information regarding upcoming events, testing, program information, daily bulletins, bell schedule, portfolios and much more.


    Attendance – Per Section 442 – ASD Policies – Part a. Regular and on-time attendance is required of all students enrolled in the District during the days and hours that school is in session.   Part b. -“The responsibility for regular and on-time attendance lies with the parent/guardian. All students share this responsibility.


    Open Campus – Open campus means students are allowed to leave the campus for lunch.


    Back to School Night – Consisting of 6 -10-minute periods to meet teachers and get class information.  Need more? Zangle/email the teacher – Look for this to happen in mid September. 


    Quarter grades are not on transcripts, semester grades only.


    Sports – grades – at quarter, students need a 2.0 gpa, at semester, they need to have a 2.0 and pass 5 classes to participate in a sport or activity.


    Check progress grades – Zangle ParentConnect


    Zangle – Student and Parent Connect is the portal to student information.  Students and parents have separate access passwords to check school information such as: grades, attendance assignments, class news etc.  Parents may have student information sent to them by email by checking the notifications tab in the upper right of the Parent Connection home web page for email settings.  Parents need a pin and password to get started; students use their student id and school given password.  


    I forgot my PIN and/or password. What do I do?

    • Password Recovery - If you have lost or forgotten your password, you may generate a temporary password by answering the two security questions that were set-up during the initial login. After answering the security questions correctly, an email will be sent to the email address on file with a temporary password. If you have lost or forgotten your PIN, please contact the front office staff.

    1.  Select Username/Password Help

    2.  Select Click here to reset password

    3.  Enter PIN

    4.  Click Submit


    Honor Roll / Academic Awards – Honor Roll is a one quarter gpa of 3.5 or above – Academic Awards are a 3.5 gpa or above for 2 consecutive semesters or after receiving a letter, a gold or silver star may be awarded after a semester of 3.5 or above.


    Parent Teacher Conferences – Held once a year.  Held on one day, half day for students, open forum, teachers in cafeteria, wait in line for next available teacher


    MASH Room – Room 65 – Open daily at lunchtime for math help, quiet study or reading.  Students may bring their lunch; a microwave and computers are available!


    No Early Finals- per section 445.2 ASD Policies “Final Exams cannot be taken early”.


    Freshmen testing – SBAs in April


    Daily Bulletin – Weekly news items and information – Read daily over the intercom – found on the CHS website


    Newsletter the "Mustang Minute"– Comprehensive news, events and timelines of information – published once weekly, accessed thru enrollment form email (automatically) or through the CHS website – "About" - Mustang Minute



    AP Bootcamp

    Freshman & New Student Orientation

    Students First Day


    Labor Day Holiday

    School Pictures

    Back to School Night


    Homecoming Week

    Quarter 1 Grades

    Parent Teacher Conferences

    In-Service Day


    Thanksgiving Holiday


    End of Semester 1

    Winter Break


    Parent Teacher Conferences

    Presidents Day Holiday

    In-Service Day



    Spring Break

    Quarter 3 Grades


    SBA Testing


    Finals Week

    Last Day of Classes