The SPEED LIMIT is only 5 mph.

    Car riders should be dropped off in the car rider lane, unless adults want to park and walk across the crosswalk with them.

    Please do not park in the car rider drop-off lane - it's just a "stop, drop, and roll" along lane!!

    Please don't pull around cars as you go through the drop off lane. We have had some very close calls of drivers going around parked cars and almost hitting children and parents walking across the parking lot. Please come a bit earlier so you don't feel the pressure to rush through the drop off lane. Safety is our biggest concern for walkers and drivers alike.


    Rules of the Road

    Thank you all for working with Susitna Staff as everyone learns the rules of the road. The drop off/pick up lane is just that. You drop off and pick up only. If your child isn't ready or needs a few minutes more, please do not sit in the lane or exit your vehicle. You can always pull into the parking spots and walk in to help your child. Another rule to note is students may not walk across the parking lot traffic without you to your car in the parking lot. They can only walk to the curb and get into cars in the drop off/pick up lane or be escorted by an adult. Kindergarten pickup for neighborhood; please drive slowly through the parent parking and the traffic staff in vests will direct you safely across to the kindergarten pick up. Also remember there is no U turns in the parking lot. Please help keep everyone safe by following these few rules. This will help everyone get in and out faster, safer, and happier. Please be patient with new-to-Susitna families as they learn the rules of the road.

    Safe driving,

    Susitna Staff


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