• Battle of the Books: This club occurs every fall through early winter. Grades 3-6 are assigned a list of books to read. Children meet once a week to review the books and study to answer questions about the books. They then compete as teams in a school wide competition. Winners have the opportunity to go onto the district wide competition.  


    Spelling Bee: This event occurs in the winter time. Students in grades 3-6 who win their classroom spelling bee contests may compete. Many classes and parents attend the spelling bee!  It is an exciting event. The winner goes onto the district spelling bee.

  • Geography Bee: The geography bee occurs in the fall.  Students in grades 4-6 study geography and social studies questions to prepare.  They compete in a school wide competition that many classes and parents attend!   It is a very interesting event!


    Science Fair:  Students create science fair projects to present in our annual science fair.  Students have the opportunity to share their learning with judges and receive scores on their project and interview.  It is a fun time to see the many different projects and learn some new things. 


    Other Opportunities:  Many other special activities occur throughout the year for different grades.  These events and clubs vary every year.  Be sure to check our calendar frequently so you do not miss one of our great opportunities!