School Policies


    It is important for children to arrive at school on time and ready to learn. Students who arrive late say they feel like they miss a lot and often spend the entire day trying to catch up. We ask you to please assure that your child is on time for school.  



    When your child is absent, please call the office attendance line at 566-3330 by 9:00 a.m. and state your child's name and the reason for the absence.  Excused absences include: illness, death in the immediate family, religious observance, school-sponsored trip, and principal excused.

    To apply to have an excused absence, fill out a Pre-Approved Absence Request (PDF link).

    For district policies, please check out the ASD Attendance page.



    The Elementary Handbook is now online!  You may access it by clicking this link.


    Parents may drop children off using the pick up/drop off loop in the north parking lot. Please pull forward as far as you can toward the main entrance. This allows for the vehicle line to move more smoothly and efficiently. Students will enter the building through the front doors and will go straight to their classroom. 6th grade students may head straight into the relos. Children should NOT be dropped off at school before 8:40am unless they are participating in a club/practice or attending SACC.  


    PICK UP:

    The pick up area is located on the north side of the library. Parents who pick up their child should receive a name card to put in their car window.  As you enter the line, a staff member will call over the radio for your student to come from their classroom.  The student will exit out through the entrance doors. If you are in need of a card to place in your car, please stop by our front office or click here for a downloadable version to print out.    



    Please avoid early pick-up unless there is an emergency or appointment. If you do need to pick your child up early, please sign in at the office and notify them so the office staff may inform your child's teacher. Please do not pick your child up between 3:00 and 3:30 pm. Every moment of instruction is valuable.