• Safety for our children is ALWAYS our most important concern.


    Our community must work together to keep each other safe during drop off and pick up times by respecting these rules:


    • Our pick up and drop off area is a flowing, moving line of traffic (See Map Below)
      • In front of the school
      • On the Northside of 10th Ave.
    • Drivers in these areas MUST remain in vehicles to keep the flow of traffic moving.
      • If you need to exit your vehicle, use the parking lot or South side of 10th Ave.
      • Leaving a vehicle in the pick-up/drop off areas is not allowed.
      • This includes helping your student to exit the vehicle.
    • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) parking area is not for quick drop off
      • Denali has 3 Life Skill classrooms, these spaces are for those families
      • Please do not park behind or wait in line behind these three spots.
    • Children will ALWAYS exit vehicles where the car meets the curb.
      • Drivers should not be helping students out on the driver side of vehicles.
      • Please circle to park if your student is not ready.
    • Children will NEVER pass between cars OR cross to the parking lot unattended.
      • This includes children whose parents signal for them.
      • Double Parking between the moving line and the parking lot is a safety issue.
      • All children will exit a vehicle on the passenger side.
      • All Community members will use the crosswalks provided.


    We ask all of our families to model these safety procedures mindfully for our Montessori children.

    Recently we have been very focused on enforcing these protocols to ensure our students travel safely to and from school.

    We are grateful to have a very dedicated parent to thank for her diligence in this area. Thank you to Mrs. Shanti Trevelyan aka Safety Mom. Without your dedication these procedures would not have the active focus that they do. Thank you!


    Safely Travel ASD


    Morning Drop-off:

    Students may begin arriving at 8:30 am.


    If they are in need of breakfast they may enter through the front door.


    If not, the playground is supervised beginning at 8:30. We ask that no student arrive before 8:30 unless enrolled in a before care activity.


    Parents may drop off students curbside in our ACTIVE loading zones at this time. If your child needs escorted, we ask you park on the southside of 10th Avenue or in our Denali parking lot.


    Afternoon Pick up:

    All classes are dismissed to the playground at 3:30.


    Please plan ahead with your student/s to know where you will be meeting for pick up during this very busy time.


    You may choose to park and come to the playground to meet your student/s during dismissal.


    Alternatively you may arrange a pick up place with your student where they can enter your car, WITHOUT you getting out of your car. Please use the ACTIVE loading zone in front of our school or the Kiss and Go area on the northside of 10th Avenue.


    Download the school traffic pattern