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    Fallin’ for  Recorders & Song Flutes & Tonettes!

    Hello Denali Parents!  This is a message from Denali Music Teacher Mr. Chuck Stafford. 

    As we approach a new school year, I am excited about bringing back a couple of classical instruments to our Montessori school. 

    For 4th, 5th, and 6th grade The Soprano Recorder …

    And for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade, The Tonette, OR Conn Song Flute.

    This may be your student's first experience with a wind instrument.

    The difference between the older and younger grades is size.  The younger students use a smaller wind instrument with bumps over where they put their fingers, which is more suitable for smaller hands.

    The older students use an instrument just a tad bigger without finger bumps to appropriately challenge them.

    Due to COVID-19, I chose not to teach these lessons in the 2021-2022 school year because these instruments go in a person's mouth.  I will keep track of current events and try to let parents know in the event of canceling this section of the music class.

    I will also be sending home a memo as we approach getting closer, similar to this one but with an exact quarter and/or date of instruction.

    Check with your classroom teacher, but usually, these instruments can be stored in the classroom after the start of school but before we begin instruction on the instrument.

    “Where can I get these wonderful toys?” ---

    You can find these and other instruments at your local music stores:

    Horn Doctor (located just down the street off 10th and Ingra)

    Music Man (4637 Old Seward Hwy just 1 block South of Tudor Road )

    Thanks, A Million!


    Mr. Chuck

    Denali Montessori Music Teacher

Grades 4th to 6th