About the ACT Program

  • ACT program provides communication, social skills, transportation, recreation/leisure, independent living and vocational skills training in the community. Community-based instruction in these areas provide opportunities for a variety of experiences and activities in order for students to exit the program and the Anchorage School District, having acquired the necessary skills and numerous community connections to ensure a successful and fulfilling life. The ACT program is a post-secondary community based instructional program for adult students (18 to 21 years old) needing additional transitional supports after completing the required core credits at their neighborhood school. Students participate in their natural graduating class ceremony, however, send their diploma or certificate of completion to the ACT Program to hold until completion of our program. Students may continue earning elective credits with an emphasis on vocational skills/employment, recreation/leisure, and independence within the community. 


    Vocational  Skills

    Aligned with Alaska Department of Labor the ACT program utilizes 25 Work Maturity Skills to teach vocational skills. Work maturity skills are the job-related skills every person needs in order to be a successful employee. These skills are introduced, taught, and reinforced in the classroom as well as on work training sites. Assessments, goals, and evaluations are based on these target skills necessary to be successful on the job


    Community-Based Skills

    Community-based instruction is a critical component of the ACT program. The community is where students are given the opportunity to acquire appropriate daily living skills during the transitional school years at the ACT program. The exception is that students will live, work, shop, and play in integrated environments in the community, and that they will participate, either independently or with accommodations and supports, in typical activities across the variety of settings.

    Independent Living Skills

    Independent living skills are weaved and taught throughout the ACT program. Knowing how to make good purchases, cook, clean, and do other daily tasks and skills are learned. Independent living includes the skills and knowledge an individual needs to direct the students’ life at home and in the community.