• Please help keep our children SAFE during  AM Dropoff and PM Pickup

    Safety is our priority in our parking lot.


    Please follow the guidelines below to assist in keeping children safe.


    Parking Lot Procedures:

    • The front curb/red zone is ONLY for quick (1-2 minute) drop-off or pickup. Individuals (drivers or passengers) should not leave their vehicles…children will come to the vehicle and load from the curbside only. Please continue to pull forward as spaces open. 
    • The inside lane of the curb is for thru traffic only – no loading or unloading.
    • Parents who wish to meet their child at the sidewalk and walk them to their car need to park in a parking spot.
    • If you arrive early for pickup or drop-off, feel free to park in a parking spot and wait OR pull all the way forward at the end of the curb and remain in your vehicle
    • Please follow the guidance of staff members wearing the Alyeska Safety Vest.  They are working to keep all children safe.
    • Cross only in the designated crosswalk areas. 


    If there is a problem in the parking lot, please use appropriate language and behavior when dealing with it. 

    We all need to set good examples for the students at Russian Jack.