• Employers' Top 10 List of Professional Traits


    Standards of professionalism are traits that are essential for success in school and work. Employers we have surveyed have listed these as their top 10 traits:


    10. Ambition: takes initiative and adds value


    9. Innovation/creativity: contributes new, original ideas to improve practices or operations


    8. Self-directed: completes quality work with minimal supervision


    7. Adaptable: adjusts to changing conditions; flexible


    6. Critical thinking/analytical: evaluates an issue in order to form judgment


    5. Problem solving: finds solutions to difficult or complex issues, perseveres through difficult tasks


    4. Teamwork/collaboration: provides meaningful contributions to a team


    3. Communication (verbal and written): articulates ideas, processes, and information in a professional manner


    2. Willingness to learn: coachable, willing to learn or relearn tasks; demonstrates lifelong learning qualitites


    1. Integrity: on time, reliable, neat appearance, demonstrates reliable behaviors and good work ethic


    King Tech High School stresses these behaviors every day, along with limiting all personal electronic device use to non-instructional times. Wednesdays are Professional Dress Days for staff and students. A special area has been set up for students who might need assistance with professional dress.