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    Next Election:  Spring 2020



    Candidacy Declaration Deadline: TBA

    Campaign Week: TBA

    Election Speeches due to Heidi: TBA

    Ballot Photo Deadline: TBA

    Speeches & Elections: TBA

    Fall Elections
     Four Junior Operational Board Positions (Current 9-10th Graders)
    Two Middle School Mentees (Current 6-8th Graders)
    Middle School  Student Advisory Board Positions (Current 6-8th Graders)
    Spring Elections
     Four Senior Operational Board Members (Current 10-11th Graders --> Next year's Juniors/Seniors)
    Two High School Student Advisory Board Positions (Current 8-11th Graders --> Next year's High Schoolers)

    Candidacy Declaration

    In writing, please inform Operational Group Faculty Advisor, Heidi Postishek, of your intent to run for a position by the deadline.  Provide your full name, grade, advisor, email contact, desired position, and an acknowledgement that you have read over the roles and responsibilities for the desired position.

    Roles & Responsibilities for Elected Positions


    Candidate Speeches

    Candidate speeches are given in the MPR, during Advisory, to the Secondary student body.  Speeches should be approximately two-minutes long and highlight the candidate's strengths as an individual and as a community member.  Share what you would bring to the leadership team and how you would like to contribute.  Avoid unrealistic campaign promises.  Be sure to introduce yourself and conclude you speech by reminding voters of your name.

    Campaign Posters & Materials

    All posters and materials must be approved by the principal or Op Group advisor.  No negative campaigning will be permitted.