Student Council is a school-wide organization to promote involvement, ownership, and leadership in our school. This group is designed to give students a voice. Students will learn the democratic process, the appropriate ways to affect change, and develop their ability to interact with the adults in our school and community. These students will represent the student body here at Gladys Wood Elementary School as well as within the community.


    The purpose of Student Council is to promote pride, spirit, service, and achievement in our school. Student Council Members are a part of an elected group of leaders who stand to serve the school community.


    All Student Council Members:

     * MUST display appropriate behavior at all times.

    * MUST attend all Student Council meetings, activities, and events.

    * MUST show respect towards teachers and fellow classmates.


    Student Council Members are in a position of leadership in our school. With the position comes the responsibility of setting examples and being positive role models for others. This responsibility must be taken seriously by all Student Council Members.