Project-Based Learning (PBL) and Student Profile

  • We explore alternative academic approaches to create self-directed learners to experience pathways to success. Our strengths will guide curiosity and spark passion that benefit ourselves and others. We develop skills needed to navigate real life right now and in the future. We bridge academic learning and life. We agree to be intentional and responsible with our use of technology. We are critical thinkers, problem seekers, and engaged community members.


    Student Profile:

    The type of student that would be successful in Project-Based Learning is someone who is curious, creative, reliable, can organize and apply new learning, and can work independently and as a member of a team. These students are sociable and willing to speak up with ideas and questions. PBL Students may be doers, directors, makers, thinkers, dreamers, and problem-solvers.


    What does the program offer our students:

    The PBL program at Benny Benson offers students an opportunity to direct their own learning through following their interests and strengths to produce projects and ideas for the real world.


    What are the expectations of the program:

    If you are in the PBL program you will be required to attend school six periods per day. PBL classes will include Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. (Electives and Physical Education are available outside of the PBL class schedule.)

    You are required to attend class every day on time and are required to be actively working on your assignments. You are required to document your weekly goals in a learning journal.


    How will Instruction be provided:

    Teachers in the Project-Based Learning Program act as mentors and guides. Depending on students’ needs and project interest, teachers will develop lessons for individuals, for teams, and for entire classes. Teachers guide you toward answering your own questions.


    How will credits be earned:

    Regular high school credits will be earned by passing each semester of each PBL class. Additionally, students who go above and beyond class expectations may be able to earn extra credits to get ahead or to make up for previously missed/failed classes.


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