• Student Profile:

    The type of student that would be successful in this program is someone that is working a day job or has other obligations that prohibit them from attending during the day. They want to graduate and most importantly can work independently. This means the students can keep track of what classwork they need to finish, what their graduation goal is and more importantly are actively working in and out of school getting their classwork finalized. The student will attend classes once per week so they must be self motivated to work during the week and have ready to turn in at night school. This student needs minimal direction, knows how and when to ask for help and attends regularly.


    What does the program offer our students:

    The night school program at Benny Benson offers students that are behind in credits an accelerated path to graduation. Meaning students can earn credits faster than if at a traditional school.


    What are the expectations of the program:

    If you are in the night school program you will be required to attend at a minimum 1 class per week on Tuesday evening from 6-8. This class will provide ways to earn Math, Science, English, Social Studies and Physical Education credit. Elective credit will need to be earned as well through academic classes or work experience..

    You are also required to have a graduation goal and plan in place. For example: You

    may want to graduate early and you plan on finishing your classes in December rather than in May. If you don’t have a plan you are required to create one with your counselor within the first two weeks you start school.

    You are required to attend class every week on time and are required to be actively working on your assignments. You are to meet your required weekly goals consistently.


    How will Instruction be provided:

    In this particular program instruction is individualized for each student based on what they need to graduate from High School. All your work with be independent work, meaning you will have to be responsible to work on your own to finalize work. Teachers will be available to assist you along the way and monitor your progress. Classwork can come in different forms such as, independent packet work, projects, presentations, side contracts, testing and online classes.


    How will credits be earned:

    All the classwork you do will be worth points. For every 90 points of work in each class you will earn a .5 credit towards graduation. You need 22.5 credits to graduate and receive a high school diploma.


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