• Crossroads is a specialized program offered to pregnant and parenting teens in grades 9th-12th. The primary goal of Crossroads is to help students stay on track to graduate from high school, while supporting the student in having a healthy pregnancy and a good start to parenting their child, if they choose to raise their child.


    Admission Policy:

    Students with a verified pregnancy (a doctor’s note is required) or a student parenting a child, may complete a Benson referral form with their school counselor, medical provider or guardian. The Crossroads counselor will contact the student to schedule an interview and a tour. All admissions to Crossroads need final approval by the Principal.


    Program Hours:

    The Crossroads counselor/teacher will tailor student schedules based on student need. Students are encouraged to attend school full time, however, part-time and night school is an option for pregnant and parenting students.


    Attendance Policy/Maternity Leave:

    Attendance is essential for school success at Crossroads. Students are allowed to miss two weeks of school after giving birth. If a student needs additional time at home, approval will be required by the counselor, nurse and principal.


    On-Site Care for Babies:

    Students may bring their babies, ages birth-4 months to school during the school day. Space is limited and priority is given to students who have no other options, except to bring their child to school. All babies are required to be immunized and proof of immunizations given to the school nurse. Childcare is provided for Crossroads students during our Tuesday night school and with no age limit on the child. However, proof of immunizations is still required.


    Parenting Teen Policy:

    It is Crossroads policy that parenting teens set a positive example for all those in attendance at Crossroads, especially pregnant teens. Parenting teens are expected to follow and support the rules of the school, as are pregnant teens, but because the parenting teen is now a parent, added responsibilities are expected.


    Credits and Grades:

    Crossroad students will be enrolled in Benny Benson classes with Benson teachers. Most Crossroad students will take independent study classes so they can work at a quicker pace to complete classes and earn credit. The Crossroads counselor and nurse teach daily lessons, during Period 2 on maternal health and parent education. Community agencies are invited into school regularly to make presentations to students on a variety of topics such as breast feeding, nutrition, reading to children, nurse family partnership etc.


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