Polaris Schoolyard Habitat

  • Our schoolyard habitat was purchased with funds raised by our school community and the World Wildlife Fund. This parcel of land is an extension of our campus and allows for an outdoor learning space and a regular vegetable harvest.


    Polaris has incorporated our schoolyard habitat into our community and curricular activities by having students collect weather data, temperatures, harvest vegetables, and explore and learn about plants and animals. We have successfully grown potatoes and other vegetables, which are prepared and given to the students. Our goal is to broaden the interest and engagement to all students and teachers in our school, and we believe that setting it up as a learning environment will engage more classes and families.

  • Habitat


    Alaska Master Gardeners Anchorage, Inc.


    2021 Grant Recipient



  • Habitat

We need you!

  • Hello to all who believe in the power of preserving our planet's biodiversity! It's time to join hands and hearts in an honorable cause – the revival of the Polaris Habitat.


    The Polaris Habitat, once a thriving sanctuary for diverse flora and fauna, now lies in need of our collective efforts to restore its former glory. We envision a harmonious sanctuary where individuals from diverse backgrounds converge to nurture a thriving ecosystem in unity.


    In order to breathe life back into this precious ecosystem, we need YOU! Yes, you, the passionate individuals who understand the value of nurturing our environment. We call upon volunteers from all walks of life to roll up their sleeves, dig into the earth, and sow the seeds of change.


    Your support is pivotal in this endeavor. Whether you possess a green thumb or simply a heart that beats for nature, there's a place for you in our mission. Together, we'll weed out neglect and cultivate a future where biodiversity thrives.


    Join us as we embark on this journey to reclaim the Polaris Habitat. Let's not just witness the beauty of nature but become its guardians. Together, we can turn wild lands into bustling ecosystems, one plant at a time.


    Volunteer today to garden, maintain, and breathe life back into the Polaris Habitat. Together, let's ensure a greener, healthier tomorrow for generations to come. Are you ready to answer the call of nature? Sign up now and let's make a difference!



    Contact Mrs. Akara Anglin