Polaris All School Seminars

  • The All School Seminar is a unique feature of Polaris K-12 school.   Once per year, the entire school sets aside time to engage in seminar-style conversations focused on a specific text.  The seminar is an opportunity for elders and youngers to gather together and engage in rich conversation.  Elementary Family Groups and Secondary Advisories join together to form multi-age groups.



2024 Literature Selection

  • Listen to the Language of the Trees:

    A story of how forests communicate underground


    Words by Tera Kelley 

    Pictures by Marie Hermansson


    “As small as it was, the seedling’s roots reached underground and met the roots of other trees,” which allowed it to receive information and nutrients through the complex web. What are your communities? How could you increase cooperation within your communities? How could your communities support you more?



2023 Literature Selection

2022 Literature Selection