• Standards

    The school curriculum will meet the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development Standards for Content and Performance and the Anchorage School District Grade Level Expectations (GLEs). 


    The curriculum for the Charter School is structured around four themes. The four themes provide the strands through which the essential cultural and academic knowledge of Alaskan Natives will be studied. One theme will be taught per quarter. The theme acts as an umbrella for the full elementary curriculum. The themes are:

    First quarter:  Living in place
    Second quarter:  Language and Communication
    Third quarter: Culture and Expression
    Fourth quarter: Tribe and Community 

    All of the Alaska Native ethnic groups will be incorporated in the sequence of study through the elementary years. The grade levels are as follows: 

  • The curriculum will include classroom and community based activities, which implement the academic and cultural standards as outlined in the Alaska State Standards and Culturally Responsive Schools.


    Anchorage School District math, science, and health curricula will be implemented.