About Chugiak

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    Chugiak High is unique in that we are connected to the largest urban school district in the state but still maintain a small-town, family-oriented atmosphere in our halls and classrooms. Our focus is on our Advanced Placement courses, World Discovery Seminar, Spanish Immersion, Bio Tech and our Hospitality & Tourism Academy. Our extracurricular, fine arts, and JROTC programs are second to none. We welcome both traditional and non-traditional students and take pride in meeting the needs of our community.  


    Mission Statement

    The mission of Chugiak High School is to lead students in becoming knowledgeable, well-rounded, responsible, empowered and productive members of society. Educators will guide students toward their maximum academic, emotional, aesthetic, physical and social potential. This mission will be accomplished through the use of varying methods to include educational, vocational, extra-curricular opportunities and the environmental resources that exist in our community.


    Vision Statement

    Chugiak High School is a partnership of students, staff, families, and the community. This partnership works to graduate students who communicate effectively, think logically and critically, discover and develop their own creative talents, and possess essential career and technical skills. Included in this vision is the encouragement of all facets of educational levels and future career goals as they pertain to each individual student. As a partnership we empower our graduates to maintain their own emotional and physical health, to sustain themselves economically, to embrace lifelong learning, and to establish themselves as responsible, productive citizens within our community and society as a whole.


    We believe:

    1. All students can learn, achieve and succeed.
    2. Students learn in different ways.
    3. Education should be student-centered.
    4. Students learn best when actively engaged in their education.
    5. Each student can and will be challenged to pursue personal, career, and educational excellence instead of mediocrity.
    6. All students must have equal access to all educational opportunities in terms of being in a safe and physically comfortable environment where accommodations are made for students who experience differences and disabilities.
    7. Exceptional students require special services and resources.
    8. The school should create an environment where students are encouraged and taught to think for themselves.
    9. High school should help prepare students for the expectations that will be placed upon them in the world of work.
    10. Career exploration is an important stepping stone for the future, and should begin during a student’s high school career.
    11. Our school must promote respect, ethical, and morally appropriate behavior, responsibility, and positive relationships among students, staff, and the community.
    12. Our school must understand, acknowledge, and honor cultural and individual diversity.
    13. When it is in the best interest of the students, heterogeneity enriches the learning and teaching environment, and should be encouraged.
    14. Education prepares all students with the relevant skills and knowledge to function as responsible citizens.
    15. Global and local awareness is essential to responsible citizenship.
    16. Learning, motivation, and attendance are responsibilities shared by students, parents, school, and the community.
    17. Parents/guardians are responsible for sending students to school prepared to learn, as well as for promoting a positive educational outlook.
    18. The health and nutrition of the students affect their readiness and ability to learn.
    19. Co- and extra-curricular activities are vital parts of a well-rounded high school.
    20. Community, staff, and student accountability are essential for an excellent school system.
    21. The community is accountable to students for providing a quality educational environment, as well as the opportunities and resources needed for successful learning.
    22. All students should experience success in school to encourage a positive self-esteem and feeling of self-worth.
    23. Quality education fosters lifelong learning.