• 2020 - 2021 Meeting Dates


    Please note: This is a tentative schedule. Please check back regularly for any changes. Unless otherwise noted, meetings will be held at 5:45 p.m. at Eagle Academy Charter School in the staff lounge. 




    August 6 - School Start Special Meeting (YouTube Live) January TBA
    August 12 - Special Meeting 6/7 Combo (YouTube Live) February TBA 
    August 18  - Regular Meeting (YouTube Live)  March TBA
    September 8 - Regular Meeting (YouTube Live) April TBA
    September 21 - Special Meeting Dress Code (YouTube Live)  
    October 6 - Regular Meeting (youTube Live) May TBA
    November 10 - Regular MeetingTBA June TBA
    December 1 - Regular Meeting TBA  



    The Eagle Academy Academic Policy Board (APB) will be holding elections when school resumes this fall.  Please check back for more information.


    Being a charter school, we have the unique opportunity to have our own governing body, which is the Academic Policy Board.  The Academic Policy Board is responsible for creating school policy, approving and monitoring the school's budget, setting and monitoring goals for the program, selecting curriculum that aligns with EACS standards, overseeing the implementation of Eagle Academy's program, ensuring adherence to the school's charter and policies, hiring/evaluating/supervising the principal, and participating in staff interviews - all in accordance with the school's Charter and Bylaws.


    The Academic Policy Board consists of seven (7) members: four parents, one community member at large and two teachers of Eagle Academy. The parent positions must be filled by parents of students currently attending Eagle Academy and may not be filled by teachers, permanent staff members, or long-term temporary staff members of Eagle Academy. The community member may be a parent or classified employee but may not be a certificated staff member.