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Announcements 2/8

Access testing is today  in MPR1. Teachers, if you were given a pass for students, please have them report to MPR2. Thanks all!

How many school counselors does it take to change a lightbulb? Just ONE. But, the lightbulb has to really want to change. Looking for more jokes? Go see your school counselor.

A big shout out to your Dimond Varsity Bowlers - both boys and girls took 2nd in the state tournament last night. Congratulations to another great season!

I am the equivalent to the empty set when I am not with you. Be on my team for the Valentine's Day Dimond Math Competition next Thursday.

“My task this evening, is to expose your secrets to each other rendering you culpable to each others’ indiscretions.” Come see Dimond Theatre’s production of Clue today and Friday at 7. Tickets are $5 and available at the door.

Clothes Swap going on in B206 today! If you have clothes today, bring them down to B206 after school. You may come to the swap even if you have not donated clothes.

Happy counselors week! Thank you to all our wonderful counselors for everything you do for Dimond and our students. Students and staff please take the time to say hello and thank you to our counselors if you see them today!

Model UN meeting today at lunch in B103


Activities 2/8


7:30 Hockey State Championships vs. Service @ Wasilla

8:00 Lady Lynx Basketball Tournament @ Dimond vs. Bartlett

12:00 XCS Regions @ Kincaid

3:00 DDF Competition @ Service

7:00 Play Production “Clue”