Student Government

  • The mission of Dimond Student Government is to convey the opinions of the student body to the administration, organize school events, increase participation, and promote school spirit.

    Student Government

    Mr. Lem Wheeles, Advisor

  • 2020-2021 Student Government Officers

Executive Board

Office Name
Student Body President Cameron Rollison
Student Body Vice President Vacant
Student Body Secretary Esther Cho
Historian Delly Mulu
Commissioner of Spirit Ian Cruickshank
Commissioner of Spirit Zavier Hajdukovich
Commissioner of Publicity/ASD School Board Rep Brooklyn Stock
Commissioner of Publicity Sycely Wheeles
Commissioner of Finance Vacant

Senior Class (2021)

Office Name
Class President Kadyn Osborne
Class Vice President Annika Ostberg
Class Secretary Vacant
Class Treasurer Kiley Schutte
Class Representative Logan Sweet
Class Sponsor Ms. Kristen Melican-Nevala
Class Sponsor Ms. Missy Nurmi

Junior Class (2022)

Office Name
Class President Lauren Fletcher
Class Vice President Paige Martens
Class Secretary Malia Iloilo
Class Treasurer Jolie Graham
Class Representative Makaila Amundson
Class Sponsor Mr. Jim Anderson
Class Sponsor Ms. Teresa Moore

Sophomore Class (2023)

Office Name
Class President Samantha Munoz
Class Vice President Audrey Leonetti
Class Secretary Olyvia Johnson
Class Treasurer Emma Polsky
Class Representative Alexis Kindred
Ad Hoc Marielle Corotan
Ad Hoc Yeajin Namgung
Class Sponsor Ms. Danielle Essary
Class Sponsor Ms. Katie Swanson

Freshman Class (2024)

Office Name
Class President Charlotte Cruickshank
Class Vice President Daesha Mortera
Class Secretary Lauren Masley
Class Treasurer Rachel Cho
Class Representative Riley Lancaster
Ad Hoc Bo Galosich
Class Sponsor Mr. Scott Campbell
2020 National Gold Council of Excellence

Next Spirit Week: April 19-23

  • Monday: Sports Day

    Tuesday: Winter Wonderland

    Wednesday: N/A (asynchronous)

    Thursday: Prom/Formal Day

    Friday: Maroon & Gold

Next Dance: TBA

  • Per ASD, there will be no dances this year.