Candidate Information

  • We are very excited that you are willing to show leadership and responsibility in representing Dimond High School and the surrounding community. Our mission is to convey the opinions of the student body to the administration, organize school events, increase participation, and promote school spirit. Student Government officers plan and carry out events for the student body (such as assemblies, spirit weeks, and dances), engage in service to the school and community, and speak on behalf of the student body to the faculty and administration of Dimond High School. Please know that being in Student Government is enjoyable and it requires a lot of responsibility. We strive to make Dimond High School the best it can be, and we need your help. Consider running for office!


    To begin your journey as a Student Government candidate, you will need to attend one of the candidate informational meetings. They will be held Thursday 3/7, Monday 3/18, and Friday, 3/22. All meetings will be held in room B103 during lunch. Please contact Mr. Wheeles if you have any questions about the process.


    Submit Paperwork to Run for Student Government

    Paperwork is due Monday, April 1, 2:30 pm and must be submitted using the Google Form linked above. NO EXCEPTIONS!


    Have questions about Student Government?

    Contact Mr. Wheeles or attend a candidate informational meeting on March 7, 18, or 22, at lunch in B103.  

    Class Offices (Classes of 2025, 2026, and 2027)

    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Representative

    Executive Board Offices (Grade restrictions in parentheses)

    • Student Body President (12)
    • Student Body Vice President (12)
    • Student Body Secretary (11 or 12)
    • Commissioner of Finance (11 or 12)
    • Commissioners of Spirit: run with a partner (12)
    • Commissioners of Publicity: run with a partner (10, 11, or 12)
    • Historian (10, 11, or 12)

    Position Descriptions are available in the Student Government Bylaws


Important Election Dates

  • March 7, 18, and 22, during lunch in B103

    • Mandatory Candidate informational meetings (must attend one)

    Monday, April 1, 2:30 PM

    • All paperwork due via online Google Form (includes signed forms, bio, picture, and video)
    • Campaigning begins as soon as all your paperwork, online bio, photo, and video are turned in (the sooner you submit everything the sooner you can start campaigning)

    Monday, April 8

    • Mandatory Candidate Forum in the Audtieria at lunch (all candidates must give a speech; 1 minute maximum)

    Tuesday, April 9

    Wednesday, April 10

    • Voting closes at 11:10 am
    • Results announced on intercom at the end of 6th hour
    • Posters need to be taken down by end of day

    Monday, April 15

    • Applications due to Mr. Wheeles by 2:10 PM for unsuccessful candidates wanting to be considered for Ad Hoc positions

    Tuesday, April 30, 6:00 PM

    • Student Government Inauguration Ceremony (all new and outgoing officers will receive invitations)


  • This list will be updated as candidates file their paperwork. The deadline to file is Monday, April 1, 2:30 PM.

Executive Board

Office Candidates
Student Body President Ja-Yun Jung
Student Body Vice President Josiah James
Student Body Secretary Ella Wheeles, Elisabeth Jenkins
Commissioner of Finance Jackie Desroches
Commissioners of Spirit (2) Rese Korynta & Juniper Billingslea, Jack Keller & Joan Orense
Commissioners of Publicity (2) Katie MacDonald & Mariela Guintu

Class of 2025

Office Candidates
Vice President Kohl Gallagher-Russell
Representative Jennifer Bonilla

Class of 2026

Office Candidates
President Marcus McDaniel
Vice President Kailyn Middleton, Colton Hodge
Secretary Jillian Kuipers, Aubrie Sizemore
Treasurer Kelsey Ingram, James Moser, Moira Nevala
Representative Elena Snow

Class of 2027

Office Candidates
President Isaac Lee, Noli Batac
Vice President Teagan Sylva, Anora Marshall, Dominic Brunelle
Secretary Aslynn Thelen Durst, Brooklyn Millhouse
Treasurer Karoline Bohne, Gabby Newman, Jairus Orense
Representative Tepora Sega