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Gifted Mentorship

Sophomores and Juniors- Applications for the Gifted Mentorship Program are being accepted for the 2019/20 school year and the deadline to apply is April 26th.  Mentorships are available in Engineering, Nursing, Economics, Architecture, Physics and more! Visit for more information.

2018-2019 Dimond students in Gifted Mentorships:

  • Julia Alfano- Pediatric Nursing at Providence
  • Christian Balmes- Radiology at Providence
  • Keegan Blain- Biomedical Engineering/Orthotics at Alchemy
  • Abigail Dodd- Pediatrics at the Children's Clinic
  • Anna Krsnak- Nursing at Providence
  • Kiera Puls- Engineering at BP
  • Maya Suzuki- Environmental Science at the USGS Science Center
  • Konaa Tallman- Engineering at BP
  • Savannah Woodke- Radiology at Providence