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Announcements 10/10

Only two days left Dimond, before the price for yearbook goes from 70 to 75. For those of you who haven't preordered one, the clock is ticking away. As a wise woman once said, "Treat yo' self"

GOOD MORNING DIMOND! A representative form the Army will be visiting our school during lunch on 10/10.

Good morning! A representative from John Hopkins University will be visiting our school. Come out and view the offerings!

Native Leadership club meets this Thursday, during lunch, in the confrence room by the Library.

Juniors! Today in MPR1, during lunch will be our class meeting, we hope to see all of you there!

Next week we will be having our senior halloween movie night. It starts at 7:45pm to the end of the movie in MPR1. Bring your own snacks.

Go check to see if you are on the fines and fees list by the machines in the commons! Let's get those resolved!

Great news! King Tech High School is offering a 3rd session. Starting on Monday, October 28, King Tech will be offering a number of Career and Technical Education courses after school at King Tech. The 3rd session will run for 8 weeks, Monday through Friday, from 3-5pm. Bus transportation will be provided. The courses are worth a .5 elective credit and a letter grade for completing the course. Please see your counselor to register and please visit our website for more details.

Did you now that Dimond stduents come from all over Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia, better known as the Pacific Islands? Interststed in learning about and celebrating the many cultures of the Pacific Islands? Come to a meeting today at lunch in room B202.

Hey Lynx! Have you always wanted to learn about the stock market? It made Warren Buffet the 3rd wealthiest person in the world at 81.8 billion dollars! For all things financial related, come to B101 @ lunch today!!

"What matters is that I can laugh, smile, and act normal and keep my universe form getting sucked into the black hole of reality!" Come see Dimond Theatre's production of Ten Red Kings today, Friday and Saturday at 7:00. Tickets are 5:00 and availible at the door.

Activities for today:

4:30 Gymnastics vs. Service, West & South @ Dimond

6:30 Theatre Production "Ten Red Kings"