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Parent News 10/6

Dear Dimond Families-


We need the Dimond community’s help in reducing the spread of COVID. We strongly discourage students from engaging in social activities in which there is close contact. This seems to be the source of many cases across the district. Please continue to limit social bubbles, social distance, and wear a mask.

During sports competitions, it is the expectation that all spectators and athletes will wear a mask, social distance and practice hand washing. 


Spectators will need to wear a mask at all times while in the facility. This includes the stadium, athletic spaces in buildings, and other venues. We appreciate the support in helping us reduce the spread of COVID.


The end of 1st quarter is approaching quickly. We cannot stress enough the importance of staying on top of assignments and getting caught up. A ½ credit will be obtained for each class passed. Please check Q to review student progress and contact teachers if you have any questions. Thank you for being a partner in the learning of your student.




39th Annual (Virtual) College and Career Fair October 13th and 14th


On Tuesday, October 13 and Wednesday, October 14, join students from across the state at the virtual Anchorage Alaska College & Career Fair to connect with nearly 100 colleges, universities and organizations and explore a variety of postsecondary education and career opportunities. Don’t miss this free opportunity for students and families! 


Student registration information can be found online at




Come get your picture taken for the yearbook and your student ID. You can also purchase pictures using the pre-order information below.

Where: Pictures will be taken outside under heated tent. This will be done in the commons area in front of the school. Park in the student parking lot and follow the signs to get in line.


Mitigation Plan:

1. A mask must be worn over mouth and nose at all times except when your picture is being taken.

2. Only students having their picture taken are allowed out of their car.

3. You must maintain a minimum of 6 feet from other individuals at all times.

4. Absolutely no congregating in the parking lot before or after picture taking.

5. It is expected that you leave campus immediately after your picture has been taken.



Freshman- 9:00 am to 12:30 pm

Sophomores- 12:30pm to 4:00 pm

Juniors- 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Senior- Stop by anytime.


Please pre-order your pictures by using the information provided below.


Click the link to order now:


Event Code: 8A620


Pre-orders must be placed by: 10/16/2020


Studio Contact Information:

Fitzgerald Photography

(907) 726-1562




While you are on campus having your picture taken, please return the textbooks, books, or materials your received for first quarter. Your teacher will be providing information on what needs to be returned. Books and materials can be returned early using the Device Drop Off box accessible from the student drop off/pick up roundabout.




From 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, we will distribute books and materials needed by students in their new second quarter classes. Their new teacher will be providing information regarding what needs to be picked up.  The distribution site has changed and will be in front of the old gym.  You can drive up via the student parking lot.  Please stay in your car and we will come to you.





Wednesday, Oct. 21


Regular School Day (e-learning)

Evening Back-to-School event

Hosted via Zoom (School-based schedule)


Thursday, Oct. 22


Regular School Day


Friday, Oct. 23


In-Service Day for Students (no classes)




Students may now sign up and pay for Advanced Placement Tests for the 2020/2021 school year. The fee for AP exams is $100 per test. The deadline for payment without a late fee is Friday, October 30th. After October 30th, the exam fee will increase to $140. Should the need arise, this year, students will be able to cancel any exams before March 5th and receive a full refund. All students taking an AP course at any time during the year (1st quarter, 2nd quarter or in the 2nd semester) should signup and pay for their exams before October 30th.




Please use the following link for payment information and signing up for exams:




Your student needs to access this link, which will direct them to sign in to their Google Account. This avoids duplicate payments by students and parents.




Due to a change in pricing by our vendor, we are able to pass on an additional $10 savings to 20/21 yearbook purchasers. Our Back-to-School price is $65 until October 30th. We are also offering a $25 savings on seniors’ ads until October 30th. Back-to-School senior ad prices are: full page $300; ½ page $150; and ¼ page $75. Remember these prices will disappear by Halloween.


To purchase your yearbook or senior ad before the sale ends, go to, our school code is: 14274221 or search for Dimond. This link will need to be cut and pasted in to your web browser.


Stay up to date by joining our social media: Twitter - @DimondYB; Instagram - @lynxyearbook




Have you taken an amazing photo? Do you think it would be great in the yearbook? Share your photos and it may be selected for the yearbook. Please join our yearbook image community at: Download the free Share Sites app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.




Seniors ads are currently on sale until October 30th. We are offering a $25 savings on all ads:


Full page $300

½ page $150

¼ page $75


Online ads are due January 15, 2021 (due to school closure, we cannot offer in-person ads at this time). Purchase your senior ad before the sale ends, go to, our school code is: 14274221.


Senior portraits and quotes are due December 17, 2020. Email your portrait and quote to


For more information, see our flyer at:





· Check with your teachers to see if they have materials

· Text @dmcurbside to 81010 to join our Remind

· Come to the front drive of DHS any Tuesday or Thursday between 11 & 3 (Please wear a mask.)

· Text us when you arrive & tell us your name and your teachers’ names (if they have materials)

· We’ll bring your books out


Library Books · Go to Dimond Library Website( for instructions

· Put your books on hold

· Text @dmcurbside to 81010 to join our Remind

· Wait to hear from Remind @dmcurbside that your books are ready

· Come to the front drive of DHS any Tuesday or Thursday between 11 & 3 (Please wear a mask.)

· Text us when you arrive

· We’ll bring your books out




As we look forward to returning to the classroom, it is mandatory that students be current on all immunizations. I have included information for the many immunization clinics available in Anchorage for both compliance immunizations, and the flu shot. If you have any questions you may contact the Nurse by email or you can call 742-7050 and leave a message.


The Children’s Hospital at Providence holds a free immunization clinic every first Saturday of the month. Call 212-7912 with any question

· 2020 Clinic Dates


November 7th

December 5th


Children are eligible for the free immunization program if they are younger than 19 and one of the following: Medicaid eligible, uninsured, underinsured (vaccines not paid for by insurance), or American Indian or Alaska Native.


Alaska Regional Hospital offers free immunizations to eligible patients through 18 years of age. The vaccinations offered are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They include: Hepatitis A & B, Rotavirus, Hib, DtaP/DT/Tdap, polio, MMR and chickenpox.


The clinic is held on the third Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call 907-264-1733 for information.

Walgreens, Fred Meyers and Carrs Pharmacy offer free flu shots. Walk-ins welcome, or you can schedule an appointment. 




Women! Please see the attached flyer regarding this upcoming conference for Navigating Your Next Big Journey!




Please be on the lookout for an email being sent soon containing some important information for seniors. You can also check the Dimond Counseling web page for more updates.




With the onset of online learning across the District, ASD has an obligation to ensure that students are not accessing or exposed to inappropriate content or engaging in any destructive online behavior when using the District network or computers.


To keep students safe from potentially harmful online activity, ASD monitors all activity through all Google applications for any content related to:


· Drugs & Alcohol

· Harassment

· Nudity & Sexual Content

· Profanity & Vulgar Language

· Suicide & Self Harm

· Violence Towards Others


This monitoring process screens documents generated by, shared by, or shared to students via Google Drive, which includes documents that may be submitted via Google Classroom. These documents include but are not limited to Google Suite and Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as a variety of image file formats. When questionable content is identified, it is flagged and a report is forwarded to school administrators, who will in turn notify parents or guardians. Again, the focus here is maintaining a safe and healthy online learning environment for all our students.

Schools have always borne the responsibility of monitoring students’ school-related work and communication. Given that all instruction, communication, and work submission is web-based, this safety check has taken on a new form. All monitoring follows the strict guidelines of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA),


which safeguards sensitive student information. The District takes staff, student, and family confidentiality very seriously and has robust systems in place to ensure that information is not released in an unauthorized manner.

For more information and resources to help guide the discussion with your children about safe internet use and online behavior please go to




Tina Johnson-Harris

DHS Principal