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Download our Mobile App

Download our mobile app
The Anchorage School District mobile app allows parents and families to stay connected with
your child’s education with information on:

 academic performance,
 school calendars,
 lunch account balances and menus,
 news, photos, and more.

Anyone can download the app to stay up-to-date on District or school information. Users can
select which schools they want to follow for a customized mobile experience. However, only
parents/guardians and students will have access to student information.

To log in to see your child’s information, click the button “Q Student Info,” and login using the email associated with
your Q ParentConnection account. A temporary password was emailed to parents from Blackboard. If you lost that email or can’t remember the temporary password, push the “forgot password” button within the app.

Download it today by searching Anchorage School District; in the App Store or Google Play.