Native Village of Eklutna Partnership

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  • classroom presentations
  • field trips
  • mentors and education resources to promote an understanding of the Athabascan people and their traditions
  • provide speakers for class presentations on Alaska History and to share an understanding of Athabascan peoples, important values needed, and the purpose for certain traditional ways.

Eklutna history and personal life stories are shared in the classroom upon request. Job opportunities are also available at the Eklutna Museum and Gift Shop and many of our exchange students and their hosts have received personalized tours through the church and cemetery at Eklutna Village.

Two of the main goals of this organization are education and culture as described on their website:

Educational & Cultural Preservation

  1. Education: Through a number of NVE departments, educational information is offered to our Tribal Youth through books, pamphlets, brochures, videos, a use of a computer lab, scheduled group activities, or one-on-one tutoring. For young adults, we have informational binders such as various colleges available.
  2. Cultural Preservation: To pass on the Dena’ina culture. Our Village has been instrumental in the continuation of passing our culture on to the younger generations. NVE will continue as a contact for NHPA (National Historic Preservation Act), Section 106, and similar legislation. Currently all departments incorporate cultural philosophy and activities into NVE operations and programs.

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