$59.3 million bond to improve 8 schools

How will the proposed bond affect your neighborhood?

Package with 60-70% state reimbursement addresses significant building needs


The 2015 municipal election ballot will include one Anchorage School District bond proposition. The $59.3 million bond package was approved for the ballot by the Anchorage Assembly last month (item 14HY) and will be put before voters on April 7. View ASD Memorandum #46: Approval of FY 2014-2015 Bond Proposal here.


Eight schools in Anchorage and Eagle River are proposed for improvements. The following is a breakdown of what voters will evaluate this spring:



Elementary schools (4)

Four elementary schools will receive significant renovation to extend the life of the buildings. These projects qualify to be reimbursed by the state for 60 percent of the costs:


Right arrow

Gladys Wood


$17.8 million


Right arrowRabbit Creek


$11.5 million


    • Enclose and expand classrooms
    • Add art, health and resource classrooms
    • Enclose the library
    • Expand the stage for music programs
    • Improve front office security
    • Replace roof sections
    • Upgrade mechanical and electrical systems


    • Relocate main office to face visitor entrance
    • Replace flooring, ceilings, walls and doors
    • Replace roof sections
    • Address structural deficiencies
    • Upgrade mechanical systems

Right arrowMountain View


 $13 million

Right arrowTurnagain


 $15 million


    • Replace flooring, ceilings, walls and doors
    • Renovate primary bathrooms
    • Improve front office security
    • Replace roof sections


    • Replace flooring, ceiling, walls and doors
    • Renovate library, art, health and entrance areas
    • Improve front office security
    • Replace roof sections



Additional proposed projects (4)

Four additional schools that have emerging needs also have projects on this school bond. These project qualify to be reimbursed by the state for 60 percent of the costs.


Right arrowWest High School




Right arrowFire Lake Elementary



Roof soffit in pool area

Roof replacement


Right arrowEast High School



Right arrowInlet View Elementary



Bus loop

Domestic water supply


‌How are building needs determined?

Two different tools are used to determine the necessity of funds and improvements for all ASD building: The Facility Conditions Index (FCI), and Education Adequacy (EA). Every year, the FCI and EA for each facility are updated to include the latest changes in building conditions. Reviewing these assessments allows the district to identify which buildings have the greatest needs.


Big number 1Facility Condition Index (FCI)


The FCI shows deficiencies in building systems such as roofs, boilers, windows and similar items. This may be thought of as the physical condition of the building and its components.


Big number 2Education Adequacy (EA)


The EA shows deficiencies in instructional capabilities such as teaching spaces, special purpose areas and other spaces. This may be thought of as the functional use of the building and whether the space is appropriate for the instructional activities within it.

Paying off debt

Calculator$269.6 million paid off in the last five years


‌As of January 2014, the district has paid off $269.9 million of bond debt in the last five fiscal years. In the next five years, the district will be paying off an additional $282 million. That's approximately $56.4 million each year.



Debt reimbursement

Graph 8_64x64

Lower cost to homeowners


State reimbursement means the average homeowner will pay roughly $5.59 for every $100,000 of assessed property value per year. The state legislature has fully funded the state's debt obligation for each year for more than 30 years. This program significantly lowers the principal project costs to taxpayers. Without state reimbursement, homewoners would pay approximately $14.11 per $100,000 of assessed value.


State has history of supporting ASD


‌The majority of the projects in the 2013 bond package qualified for 60-70 percent state debt reimbursement or matching grants. Find the history of state debt reimbursement since 1976.



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