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Update reduces budget $17 million based on legislative action

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 2015-16 Proposed Budget


 2015-16 Preliminary Budget


 Assembly Memo 114-2015


 Senate Finance Amendment 24 Potential Reductions


 ASD Memo #20: Budget Amendment for FY 2015-16 (as amended)


UPDATE May 5, 2015: On Monday night, the board amended the budget to reinstate 10 FTE teaching positions for K-2 classrooms; the funding will come from the charter school facilities fund.


April 30, 2015


Superintendent Ed Graff will present a 2015-16 budget amendment to the Anchorage School Board at its meeting on Monday night. The amendment takes into account the funding levels determined in HB 72 – the state’s operating budget. The legislature’s budget will eliminate $16.7 million from ASD’s budget for next school year.


“We built our budget based on the legislature’s promise of education funding and now we must reverse that,” said Superintendent Graff.  “For the last few years, we’ve been building momentum and making efforts toward our Destination 2020 goals and giving students the best education possible. This change in funding will obviously compromise our momentum.”


 In total, the $16.7 million reduction will force the elimination of 81 positions, including 70 teachers.


The budget amendment eliminates four preschool classrooms, teaching positions, literacy coaches, charter school allocations and materials funded by HB 278. It also includes all budget additions made in the 2015-16 budget development process including 20 classroom teaching positions, 20 new middle school teaching positions, additional World Languages staff, training materials and technology. Additionally, the proposal reduces central administrative services by about 1.5 percent.


The charter schools/alternative programs director position and funding for assessment reporting software were the only new items included in next year’s budget.


The 2015-16 budget includes $17 million of reserve funds that have already been put forward to next year. If the district did not strategically designate these funds for next year, ASD would have been faced with cutting 150-200 additional positions.


“Based on this latest reduction, our district will have essentially faced a $36 million deficit for next school year,” said Superintendent Graff.  


The district has cut about 300 positions from the budget in the last four years. Central administration services have faced the biggest hit, with a 20 percent reduction.


“We are beyond the point where we can stay away from the classroom. You can’t get to $17 million in reductions without negatively impacting our students,” said Superintendent Graff.


The full budget amendment is available online at


The community has an opportunity to provide feedback to the school board on the recommendation by emailing the board at or testifying at the board’s May 4 early session at 4 p.m. or the late session at 6:30 p.m. 


Watch Superintendent Graff address the news media.



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Budget Planning Update





Amendment to 2015-16 ASD budget - program and staff reductions


In response to HB 72 operating budget



Funding reductions        
HB278 "one-time" funds outside of formula   11.907 million   $9.7 state and $2.2 local
State Foundation Formula (-1.4%)   4.785 million    
Board amendment #1 - reappropriate Charter School Facility Fund   (1.000) million    
Subtotal    15.692 million    
    Reductions (in $ millions)   Staff reductions (FTE)
Included in FY 2014-15 & FY 2015-16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     budget development
HB 278 three-year pilot programs from "one-time" funding        
Pre-K classrooms (four classrooms)   (1.380)    (8.00)
Pre-K community partnerships    (0.740)  
Early literacy coaches (K-2)    (1.200)   (12.00)
Early literacy classroom teachers (K-2)    (1.400)   (14.00)
Instructional tours    (0.515)  
Student classroom technology    (1.030)  
STEM curriculum & science kits    (1.030)  
Charter school allocation of HB 278 "one-time" operating grants    (0.540)  
HB 278 reverse 1.2X special needs block grant increases from "one-time" funding        
SPED curriculum and Board Certified Applied Behavior Specialist    (1.030)    (1.00)
ELL Liaison & staff training    (0.153)   (1.00)
CTE, Gifted, Native Ed increments   (0.130)   -
FY 2015-16 proposed budget development - incremental reductions        
Other than personnel services        
School staff technology refresh     (1.150)    -
Language arts curriculum software update     (0.350)    -
Maintenance supplies    (0.190)    -
Additional Special ED, Gifted, elementary & secondary supply allocations    (0.160)    -
Additional ELL supplies   (0.077)   -
Assessment & Evaluation supplies/equipment (AIMSweb & MAPS)   0.097   -
Personnel services        
Addition of 20 new middle school teaching positions    (2.000)    (20.00)
World Languages additional FTE    (0.150)    (1.50)
Charter school/alternative programs director   Not included in reductions
Substitute teacher incentive bonus   (0.125)   -
Budget development considerations to address 1.4% reduction in Foundation Formula funding
Reductions associated with reduction in Foundation Formula support        
 Charter school share of formula reduction   (0.298)   -
Additional items from past three years of budget reduction considerations        
Central services        
Superintendent   (0.075)   -
Academic Services   (0.120)   -
Business Management   (0.050)    -
Purchasing   (0.066)   -
Communications and Publications   (0.032)   -
Information Technology   (0.300)   -
Human Resources   (0.025)   -
Ancillary/Building Services        
Maintenance & Operations   (0.348)   (3.00)
School Administration/Support [principals, asst. principals, admin support]        
School administrative support staff   Not included in reductions
Instructional Support        
Special Education   Not included in reductions
English Language Learners   Not included in reductions
Career and Technical Education Transportation   (0.125)   -
Counseling, nursing and librarian services   Not included in reductions
Eliminate sports; transfer responsibility to private club sports organizations   Not included in reductions 
Direct Classroom Instruction         
Districtwide class size (increase PTR by 0.3), teacher reduction of less than 1%   (2.000)   (20.00)
Eliminate middle school core teacher team planning time   Not included in reductions
Board amendment #1 - add back 10 FTE directed to K-2 class size reduction   1.000   10.00
TOTAL REDUCTIONS:    $15.692 million    70.5 FTE 



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Budget Commentary

ASD has a Teacher Gap, not a Surplus

‌Anchorage School Board President Eric Croft and Superintendent Ed Graff offer their perspectives on the current budget situation in a letter to the community.


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2015-16 budget timeline


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