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Problem-solving and building connections beyond the classroom 

Math is about much more than enrolling in calculus in high school. It is about the skills students need in order to reach their goals and accomplish daily tasks. Math teaches logic and order, and provides a vehicle for critical thinking skills. The discipline of mind that students develop in math carries over into daily life.



Math today - it's not as different as you think

There are some differences in the way math is taught in schools today versus fifteen years ago. These new methods are designed to help children understand the concepts and reasoning behind math problems, as well as provide them with different strategies for solving them. In this video, Bobbi Jo Erb, special consultant to ASD's STEM department, debunks some of the misconceptions surrounding these methods.


To learn more about the ways you can help your children with math, watch this video from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Watch our resident math geek debunk some rumors about how we teach math.

Posted by Anchorage School District on Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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