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Free and reduced price meals

Breakfast and lunch programs

The Anchorage School District provides free and reduced-priced meals for elementary, middle and high school students under the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program. Nutritious meals are served every school day.


Your address: Student Nutrition sends meal application correspondence by U.S. Mail. It is critical that you verify your mailing address is correct in the Zangle ParentConnection student information system.


Free and Reduced Price Meals application


Online FRP applications are available in English only. (See below for translated versions in PDF format.)

  • Easy and fast - no need to print and mail or fax your application.
  • Information required is the same as the paper application.
  • Safe, secure and confidential.



Printable version also still available

A printable, PDF version is still available for those who wish to mail or fax their application. We must return incomplete applications so please read the instructions carefully.

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Who is eligible?


Free and Reduced-Price Meals Program information


The household size and income criteria listed below plus Permanent Fund Dividend information are used to determine eligibility.  The income chart is adjusted each year by the federal government.

Free and reduced participant applications must be submitted annually.

  • Children from households whose size and income is at or below the criteria are eligible to receive free or reduced-price meals for the school year effective July 1-June 30. Income plus Permanent Fund Dividend information will be totaled and actualized.
  • A household or family is defined as a group of related or unrelated individuals who are living as one economic unit.
  • Children who are members of households that are approved for Food Stamps or Alaska Temporary Assistance Program (SNAP), or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) are automatically eligible for free meals, but we must have an application or an electronic import.
  • Foster children, as the legal responsibility of a welfare agency or court, may also be eligible for benefits regardless of the household income where they reside. Again, an application is required.
  • You may apply for benefits anytime during the school year. If you are not eligible now, but have a change, such as decrease in household income, become unemployed (send written verification of same), an increase in household size or start to receive Food Stamps or Alaska Temporary Assistance for your children, complete a new application.


Federal income chart for 2013-14

For entry into the program, total household gross income - including PFD information - must be below the levels shown. 



1 $26,548 $2,213 $511
2 35,853 2,988 690
3 45,159 3,764 869
4 54,464 4,539 1,048
5 63,770 5,315 1,227
6 73,075 6,090 1,406
7 82,381 6,866 1,585
8 91,686 7,641 1,764
For each additional family member, add:
  $9,306 $776 $179

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