A Place Where You Create A Unique Educational Experience

  • School History:


    Family Partnership Charter School (FPCS) began with the efforts of parents and ASD teachers. The school's first charter application was presented to the Achorage School District in 1996 and unanimously approved in January 1997.  Final approval by the State of Alaska Board of Education approval came on June 23, 1997.   FPCS opened its doors a week later.  

    Our Purpose:

    To provide a parent-driven and student-centered program that allows students to reach their full potential in a well-rounded program that sets and achieves goals for academic performance following Alaska State Standards. 


    The charter school is a bridge between home-school students and formal education. It provides a mechanism by which families may work with certified teachers to plan personalized individualize learning plans for their students.


    In the practical application of diverse parent guardian educational philosophies and curriculum choices, each student will be encouraged to develop the necessary skills and concepts to his/her capacity in alignment with the State of Alaska Content and Performance Standards.


    FPCS school-wide purposes include: 

    1. To achieve both spoken and oral command of the English language; 
    2. To understand and apply mathematics; 
    3. To understand and use the scientific method in studying physical and life sciences;
    4. To think critically and gain skills and knowledge of the major achievements of civilization;
    5. To know and understand our American heritage; 
    6. To gain knowledge of the culture and history of diverse populations; 
    7. To develop intellectually, emotionally, morally and socially;
    8. To develop intellectual curiosity and creativity;
    9. To develop skills and appreciation of the fine arts;
    10. To gain understanding about maintaining a healthy body, and;
    11. To emphasize knowledge, choices and an awareness of academic and career pathways.