• Enrollment for the 2023-24 school year is still an option. If you would like to enroll for the rest of 2023-24 school year, please contact our Principal, Laurie Matthews, at (907) 742-3701 or our Assistant Principal, Ashley Bukowski, at (907) 742-3705. 


    We are a lottery school for any NEW students wishing to attend for the upcoming 24/25 school year.  Great news though! We no longer have an enrollment cap.  This means that all students who are entered in the lottery are guaranteed a spot.  Current students do not enter the lottery.  Returning students will need to re-enroll online through Q/Parent Connection starting April 25th - August 15th. *The online registration system works best in Chrome/Firefox/Safari browsers.


    The fall lottery opened 3/29. It closes for applications on 7/19. The lottery runs on 7/23 and parents will be notified of lottery results on 7/26 at 5pm. Be sure to check your email after 5pm on 7/26 for the next steps to enroll with FPCS.  Click here to link to ASD's Lottery Page for more information.

    • If your student is already a student of ASD at another school, you can access the system directly from QParentConnection by logging in and clicking on your student's name and then clicking the Online Lottery link from the ASD Quick Links section.




     Family Partnership Correspondence School is a year-round program.  Our academic year runs from July 1st - June 30th. 



Allotments for Full Time Students 23/24

Funding Period for 23/24