Graduation Requirements

  • Physical Education (1.5 credits)

    Three semesters of physical education graduation requirements can be fulfilled by passing physical education classes.

    • Students may obtain a waiver of .25 of the physical education graduation requirement for each full season of Anchorage School District sports participation. Elective credit must be earned to replace the Physical Education/Health Education requirement that is waived. A waiver of the physical education requirement under this section does not affect the overall minimum requirements of 22.5 credits.

    • Students may also waive physical education requirements through Credit-By-Choice, correspondence, college coursework, or field study programs.

    • A maximum of 1.0 waiver of the physical education requirement is available upon completion of 1 full year of JROTC and the subsequent summer camp.

    • Healthy Life Skills and First Aid are not repeatable upon receiving a passing grade in a previous semester.


  • Language Arts (4 credits)

    • English I, English II, English III, English IV
    • or AP Literature and Language for Juniors and Seniors

    Social Studies (4 credits)

    • World History 
    • US History 
    • One semester of Alaska Studies
    • One semester of Economics
    • One semester of US Government
    • One semester of a Social Studies elective
  • Mathematics (3.0 credits)

    • Six semesters

    Students must complete course work contained or founded in Algebra I level math skills or demonstrate by examination.

    Electives (7 credits)

    • Fourteen elective courses to pursue individual educational goals include additional courses in Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Fine Arts, World Languages, Physical Education, and Career Technology
  • Science (3 credits)

    • Two semesters of life science
    • Two semesters of physical science
    • Two semester of science elective

    Regular school schedule:

    • 6 classes per day for a semester earns 3 credits
    • Each semester class is worth 1/2 credit