• Parking Information 

    Our school parking lot can be a challenging and stressful place during the crunch times of drop-off before school and pick-up after school. Please keep safety a priority when dropping off and picking up your children. 



    • Parents picking up and dropping off students without getting out of the car should stay in the right side lane of the parking lot
    • Students in this line should exit and enter the car on the passenger's side
    • Please park if you are getting our of your vehicle, as an unattended vehicle is a safety hazard
    • There is NO pick-up or drop-off on 6th Street
    • Drive slowly in the school area and watch out for children crossing the street of the parking lot
    • Do not park on crosswalks
    • Please be courteous to other parents, teachers, and students
    • Please be patient and allow a little extra time in the morning and afternoon