• Procedures for arrival and dismissal

    Car Drop-off

    • Student drop off will start at 9:10 am to allow a shortened time for students to be in line. 
    • Parents will not be allowed to exit their car. 
    • Students will exit the vehicle on the passenger side and then line up at the cone with the teacher's name placed at the designated entrance door. 
    • A distance of 6 ft will be kept between students monitored by assigned duty staff.
    • At 9:15 students who are in line will be escorted in one class at a time by either the classroom teacher or morning duty staff as they follow distancing guidelines of 6 ft apart.


    Car Pick-up

    • Parents will not be allowed to exit their car.
    • We have implemented a system where each family is assigned a number that will be displayed during car pick-up. This number is printed and laminated and should be displayed on your passenger-side visor. Each student will also receive a laminated card with their assigned family number (example photo on next page).
    • Classroom teachers and outside duty personnel will have a list of the family numbers.
    • Students who are getting picked up will be the last to be dismissed from the classroom, after SAP students and walkers.
    • When families pull up (about three at a time) the car numbers will be called over the radios.
    • Students will remain in desks until their number is called, at which time they will follow their teacher’s exiting procedure and exit through the designated door.
    • Two teachers/TAs will be monitoring social distancing in the halls  - one in the intermediate hall and the other in the primary hall.
    • Students will go directly to their assigned car.
    • If the student is not ready and is requiring a longer wait you will be directed to drive around the block as to not hold up the line.
    • Once all children are in the car they will follow the traffic map out of parking lot,
    • Duty personnel will have the option to direct a car to pull forward or wait for a child if one child is taking too long.
    • No parking on Hoonah Ave. for student pickup. Duty personnel will not see or radio these car numbers and students will not be released from their classrooms until their family vehicle number has been called. 


    Please note that the preschool program has a slightly different procedure. This is being communicated directly to parents by the preschool teaching team.

    Car Map

    In car  Outside Car