PreK-1 Testing and Qualifications

  • Thank you for your interest in the Highly Gifted (HG) Program at Rogers Park Elementary. Students must be at least five years old to test. Testing is conducted on a first come first serve basis and we usually have a waiting time of about a month. Our testing specialist, Judy Campbell, administers cognitive ability tests and achievement tests to individuals or small groups. Students who meet the qualification criteria on the ability tests and achievement tests are referred to the ASD Related Services Department for IQ evaluations, which are administered by an ASD school psychologist. The time frame for scheduling the IQ assessment is dependent upon the psychologist’s current caseload.  The IQ test is always administered in a one on one setting.


    Qualification Requirements for the HG Program

    A child needs one score at the 98th percentile on a cognitive ability test, two scores at the 98th percentile in achievement, and one score at the 99th percentile on an IQ assessment. Testing begins with a cognitive ability test. A score of 98th percentile must be met to continue with the achievement testing.  If both the ability and achievement score requirements are met, an IQ evaluation request is submitted.


    The cognitive ability tests measure factors that are usually less explicitly taught, such as critical thinking – logic / reasoning / vocabulary / analogous thinking. The ability test has a verbal and quantitative battery – the format is entirely pictorial in a multi-choice format.  No reading is required in the ability test at this level. The verbal battery assesses students’ abilities to use search, retrieval and comparison processes that are essential for verbal reasoning: analogies, picture classification and vocabulary.  The quantitative battery assesses students’ abilities to reason about patterns and relations using concepts essential in quantitative reasoning:  number puzzles, number patterns and number series. Ability testing is administered individually or in a small group depending upon the tests administered.


    The achievement tests measure reading and math skills.  Students must be able to read and do math computations.  Testing is administered one on one.


    We take breaks during the testing and often testing is divided into two or more sessions. Usually, the students are performing at least two grade levels higher than their age group peers.


    A few of the characteristics common to many advanced learners

    • Ability to analyze and synthesize information
    • Learns after a few exposures or repetitions – quick mastery as compared to peers
    • Advanced vocabulary
    • Reading sentences
    • Successfully completes complex math calculations
    • Ability to read and interpret graphs


    There is no real preparation parents can do to prepare students in advance for testing other than to offer enriching experiences, nurture children’s diverse interests, and encourage them to make their best effort. As in any testing situation, a well-rested, well-fed, relaxed child will be more likely to perform to their full potential.


    If you have a child who is five years or older, PreK to 1st grade - and you would like to discuss the next steps in having your child tested, please contact Judy Campbell, our HG Testing Specialist by email. For summer testing options please contact the ASD Gifted Department at 742-3794.


    For more information about the Highly Gifted Program at Rogers Park please visit our website at


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