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    The Beautiful, Patterned World of Math by Steven Stroganz

    Math placements are determined by an instructional team of math teachers including but not limited to the child’s previous year’s math teacher, the current year’s assessment group teacher, and the HG Liaison, based upon student demonstration of:

    1. strong evidence of mastery of nearly all grade level standards (target 90%+)
    2. a strong willingness and desire to engage with challenging tasks, and
    3. consistent demonstration of effort and persistence with daily practice.

    In the spring, based upon the child’s math teacher observations of exemplary performance throughout the year (Grade equivalent to an A based upon tests, quizzes, pre-assessments, projects, processing, pacing, homework) or a parent request for a possible accelerated placement due to past math achievement, the child is recommended for a fall placement testing group.


    In the fall, the assigned Math Assessment Group teacher gathers current assessment information and shares the data with the math placement team to inform a placement decision.  


    Sample assessments that may be administered:

    1. End of Year Assessment for current math level including written constructed responses that give students an opportunity to clearly explain mathematical thinking and reasoning.
    2. Pre-Assessment for proposed math level.
    3. Sequential computational assessments for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions as appropriate for math level
    4. Exemplar Assessment - written expression of a complex problem
    5. Observational data from past teacher(s) and current Math Assessment Group teacher.