Spend Your Senior Year Preparing for College Success

  • When it comes to preparing for college, Early Honors students like you occupy an academic sweet spot known as “dual enrollment.” As an APU Early Honors student, you’ll enroll with your high school as usual and retain your ranking as a senior, enjoying the prestige, privileges and events reserved for your graduating class.


    At the same time, you’ll step ahead as a full-time APU student, completing first-year college coursework at a private, liberal arts school where rigorous studies and personalized academic advising are hallmarks of APU’s 50-year tradition of success.


    Early Honors is an academically challenging alternative to high school as usual. While you’re completing high school credits, you’re also gaining competencies in critical thinking, effective communication, informed inquiry and self-direction – abilities that help shape success in college and beyond. Early Honors enrolls exemplary high schoolers whose demonstrated accomplishments and letters of recommendation set them apart. Standardized test scores, an essay and interview round out your Early Honors application.


    How Early Honors Works


    Your Early Honors coursework begins with four classes – two that form the foundation of our program and two that typically are required to complete your high school credits. You’ll start in September with Critical Thinking, scheduled in the four-week period that we call fall block. Critical Thinking is a four-credit intensive that meets four days a week. Explore the difference between information recall and logical analysis. Apply strategies like inductive and deductive reasoning as you learn to “think about thinking.” 


    Fall block is followed in late September by APU’s 11-week fall session. You’ll enroll in three classes, including two that satisfy your high school graduation credits, usually the math and science courses you need to advance. Your third class in the fall session is Argumentative Writing, a departure from most honors writing courses. You’ll focus on developing as a concise, accurate and ethical writer. Learn to express your thoughts effectively as you consider ways that purpose and audience help shape your writing.


    APU’s 11-week spring session starts in early February. By working with the Early Honors academic adviser, your schedule includes courses from throughout the university that meet your academic interests and goals.


    APU/ASD Credit Equivalents


    For more information contact: Teresa Kress (FPCS Sponsor Teacher)