Early College Program


    Early College Option  


    Family Partnership Correspondence School's (FPCS) Early College Program is open to all ASD high school students enrolled in FPCS who meet high school eligibility requirements and college and university prerequisites. Early College Students may take classes at UAA, UAF online, BYU, National University, North Dakota University, MIT, and more. Contact your sponsor teacher to verify the college or university program qualifies.


    One of the major advantages of our school is the flexibility in selecting courses. Students qualified to take courses may be dual enrolled in college courses and simultaneously build both transcripts. Additionally, each of our students receives individually tailored academic support from a certified sponsor teacher who partners with parents and students to ensure the best possible individually tailored educational experience.


    Taking college classes while in high school enables students to receive a quality education and reduce the amount of time it takes to earn a college degree or certificate. Students may set their feet on a path towards a Bachelor's or Associate's Degree. Dual enrolled students may enroll in college credit courses and use these courses for high school graduation credit as well as college credit. For example, a 3-4 credit class equals a full year of ASD high school credit, and 2 credit equals one semester credit. Students graduate with both ASD transcript and their college transcript.


    Contact your Sponsor Teacher for more information.