Student Government

  • Student Government is a place where you can become a leader and take on the responsibility of managing events, activities, policies, and programs at your school. It is an opportunity for students to get involved and take the initiative to improve our school. Student Government allows for all members to have a voice and share their opinions, while building lasting friendships with fellow members and students. Join us for exciting projects like our End of Year Event, The Clare House Project, AASG conference, and more, while learning about the fundamentals of running a meeting as well as making sense of motions and keeping order under Robert’s Rules. 


    How do I join? Simply be a high school student with Family Partnership Charter School and drop in on any of our student meetings dates found on the FPCS Remind and Tidbits.



    What We Do

    The Clare House Project

    This year, Student Government is working with the NHS to host The Clare House Project to donate to those in need. Clare House is a great way for students and families to serve the community. The Student Government and NHS create flyers and set up dates to provide the necessary information for families to safely and effectively donate items to the school. Feel free to check out the Tidbits for more information!

    kid on playground

    ABT Gift Wrapping

    Members of the Student Government participated in the ABT gift wrapping event where we all packed boxes of food to be sent out to those in need. We finally got to see each other in person and enjoy each other's company. The event was a huge success and we hope to plan more small activities like these in the future!


    stud go members packing food into boxes


    Student Government Gear 

    We are currently working on creating our own custom gear to wear at future events and show our school pride! This project is a lot of fun and is a great way to represent our school. Student Government is learning how to effectively use a budget as well as make logos and contact designers to make necessary adjustments for our apparel. Stay tuned for our Student Government gear available to all members!

    stud go members

    Family Partnership High School Students!

    Student Government has created a Remind to reach out to FPCS highschool students to share ideas, notes, and information on upcoming events. Join our Remind on your phone or computer at to stay on top of activities and projects that connect our school. 




















Our Fearless Advisor & Members 2020-2021

  • Jessica Williams - Student Government Advisor

    (907) 782-7581


    portrait of jessica williams


    Our Members


    President - Liz Brower

    President Liz  


    Vice-President - Debbie Brower

    vp debbie


    Treasurer - Asa Utic

    treasurer Asa


    Secretary - Katelyn Parker

    secretary Katelyn