• FPCS Logo 3-Year Strategic Plan 2017-2020

    Families working together with teacher, staff, and community members to provide individualized learning environments that foster high achievement preparing students for life-long success.

Goal 01: Student Achievement

  • Objectives


    • Increase graduation rate by 4% per year for each of the next three years
    • Dedicate .4 FTE for MTSS (multi Tiered System of Support) position
    • 90% of students score at the 70th percentile or better on MAP (Measures of Academic Performance)
    • Promote opportunities and requirements related to student post secondary options

Goal 02: Small Group Classes

  • Objectives


    • Student safety and security is a major priority
    • Promote an active Parent/Teacher Advisory Committee as subcommittee of APC's Curriculum Committee
    • Expect academic rigor
    • Fiscal responsibility (Small Group Class expenses funded through allotments)

Goal 03: Financial Stability

  • Objectives


    • Develop annual budgets that are transparent and fiscally sound to ensure long-term financial viability
    • Evaluate facility (administrative, business, and instructional) needs and investigate possible options
    • Continue to work with the Anchorage School District to streamline financial processes
  • APC Board Members: Ladd Parker, Kay Alley, Teresa Kress, Jorah Barber, Chris Cvancara, Melinda Demientieff, Kimberly Fischer, Carson Kress, Dennis Tayman, Jewelene Utic